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May we introduce our companies and brands? Please get to know Hiller Objektmöbel GmbH and BRAUN Lockenhaus GmbH, both of which are leading manufacturers of chairs and tables. One is located in Germany, the other in Austria. rosconi GmbH, a renowned expert for stainless steel manufacturing, specialized in lounge and lobby items as well as professional interior design, and D-TEC, expert in the field of design and production of high-end home furniture as well as accessories collections, are also subsidiaries. Finally , we may introduce to you the corporation’s own logistics company SCHNEEWEISS logistik GmbH. This unique combination of tradition and innovation, which can be identified in each of our products and services, is correspondingly mirrored by our headquarter location: the renaissance castle of Schmieheim built in 1610 with its rich tradition. At this point, you definitely should get to know us and discover the multifaceted nature of the SCHNEEWEISS interior design world.