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Christian Dorn

Christian Dorn | stiltreu designstudio

Minimalist, functional, suitable for everyday life. These terms strikingly characterize the designs of Christian Dorn. Even during his fashion studies the fashion designer concentrated on the area product and furniture design. From 2003 Dorn worked very successfully as a designer and developed internationally acclaimed products for renowned customers. In 2011 Christian Dorn started the STILTREU design studio in Bühl (Baden, Germany) with the guiding principles honesty, transparency and passion for design. When it comes to design Dorn has a strong commitment to thought-through, intuitive functions as well as accurate implementation. His designs are characterized by a minimalist formal language: “I associate the term ‘STILTREU’ with the universal clarity within my designs. A reduced layout of lines, a softness of shape and tone. A harmonious flow and – if possible – no rough corners or edges.” rosconi’s storage solutions for fire extinguishers and bandaging material designed by Christian Dorn, crew 110, crew 112, crew 113 and crew 114, are the perfect representatives for his design philosophy due to their rounded corners and their clean, straight-edged design.

Christian Dorn | STILTREU design | crew 112
receptacle for fire extinguishers crew 112 | design: Christian Dorn
first aid kit crew 110 | design: Christian Dorn