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Sebastian Hoek | Sascha Sartory

Sebastian Hoek | Sascha Sartory

Sebastian Hoek and Sascha Sartory, both born in 1980, meet during their studies of industrial design in Wuppertal. The two designers work independently in various design studios at national and international levels during and after their studies. In 2010 Hoek and Sartory join their creative forces and found the “FORMFUSION” design studio in Cologne. By combining the latest technologies, trends and materials they constantly gain new perspectives for creative approaches. Aiming at developing high-quality, durable as well as tangible designs, Hoek and Sartory create innovative product solutions as well as novel user experiences, amongst other things the rosconi item “Polehanger”. Numerous design awards demonstrate the superior quality of their designs.

Since 2014 both designers represent their individual companies: Sascha Sartory creates mainly products for the furniture and interior design sector at his studio “SARTORY Design” ( based in Cologne. Sebastian Hoek currently lives in California and works under the name “Sebastian Hoek / Product Design” ( as a freelance product designer.

Sebastian Hoek and Sascha Sartory
Polehanger rack | design: Sebastian Hoek/Sascha Sartory
Valet stand James | design: Sebastian Hoek/Sascha Sartory

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