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Karl Schwanzer

Architect Karl Schwanzer

Karl Schwanzer (1918 – 1975), one of the most significant representatives of modern post-war architecture, founded his own agency in 1947 after having completed his studies at the Research University (TH) Vienna as well as a second agency located in Munich in 1967. His fundamental maxim was “quality before profit” and on this basis he continuously examined the maintenance of compliance at his requested level even within small projects. His way of working was characterized by surprising staging, perfection as well as by a late interpretation of the Viennese synthesis of the arts. Simultaneously with the development of his buildings, Karl Schwanzer developed matching furniture items, door handles and further design details. He broke new ground in architecture and developed numerous expressive buildings including the BMW Group headquarters building in Munich, known as the “four-cylinder”. Moreover, he was a highly appreciated professor, author, and designer of furniture as well as founder of the Austrian Institute of Design and the Austrian Research Center for Architecture.

architect Karl Schwanzer | Collection.58 | portrait: © IMAGNO/Franz Hubmann
architect Karl Schwanzer | Collection.58