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Reiner Moll | .molldesign

Reiner Moll studied industrial design from 1967-1971 at the University of Design Schwaebisch Gmünd (e.g. at Prof. Karl Dittert). In 1971 he started his own business, “molldesign” in Schwaebisch Gmünd, a design studio that is part of the second generation of independent design studios in Germany. In collaboration with his team, which comprises more than 10 product designer, Reiner Moll develops new concepts of products – tirelessly focusing on artisanal elements.

“molldesigns”’ work is founded on the tradition of Bauhaus, the Ulm school of design as well as the influence of former designers from Schwaebisch Gmünd. All designs create a symbiosis between functional, need-oriented solutions and emotional components. Reiner Moll coined the term “Strategic Design” for his work, incorporating the holistic integration of all product relevant parameters in the design process.

“molldesign” has been awarded with more than 90 national and international design prizes, e.g. the Good Design Award, the iF design award and the Red Dot Award. In 1991 the design studio was selected as “Design Team of the Year” by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen.

.molldesign | Reiner Moll | folding tables stand up & Mollinaro
.molldesign | Reiner Moll | folding tables stand up
.molldesign | Reiner Moll | folding tables Mollinaro